Authentic Montessori

Here at Roots, we take pride in living out our commitment to the Montessori philosophy in full each and every day in the classroom. 

Our accrediting body, the American Montessori Society (AMS), sets forth extensive criteria, which guides our decisions in creating a comprehensive and amazing educational experience for our students.  Unfortunately, Montessori is not a trademarked term; so it’s up to the consumer parent to research and know how authentic a Montessori school truly is.  One way is by making oneself aware of accreditation standards and how the school in consideration is in alignment with those. 

Roots is well on it’s way to full accreditation - which is a three year process.  You can learn more about the AMS accrediting standards here.       

Christian Values

Relationships over religion is how we explain our commitment to Christian values.  Believing that there is a God who loves every one of His creations, we take time to learn about Him in our days here at Roots. 

Students of all faith backgrounds are welcome in our school and no student is required to engage in spiritual activities that do not hold personal value to them.  The Roots Creed is inclusive to people of all faiths but ultimately represent truths that reflect our Christian beliefs. 

Cultivating Character

The social and emotional development of a child is just as important as academics here at Roots.  Ultimately, it is the character of a child that helps them stand strong in life, not simply academics.

We dedicate time and focus lessons on learning about building emotional intelligence and social grit - to help kids learn inclusivity, respect, conflict resolution, awareness and embracing our differences to grow in unity.  Roots lives this out in daily school life, weekly community rituals, and monthly programs. 

The Roots Creed introduces key concepts that capture the heart of what we hope every student learns, practices and walks away incorporating into their daily life. 

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