• 1st - 3rd grades
  • School Day 8:15 - 3:15
  • After School Care and Clubs Available


  • Maximum of 12:1 Student Teacher Ratio
  • Mixed Age Classroom
  • 3 years in same classroom to foster growth and leadership

Lower Elementary 

Our lower elementary program serves students ages 6-9 — from first to third grades. Lessons in the elementary classes are given individually or in small groups - giving each student ample opportunity to express interests, ask questions, and make meaningful contributions. The student-teacher relationships that develop over the three + years they spend together allow for the unique role of teacher as mentor to impact students in unparalleled ways. The teachers are continuously assessing whether a student understands a concept or needs further instruction. They also help students realize their individual interests, recognize and apply their strengths, and overcome more challenging content or tasks.

The mixed-age classrooms allow students opportunities to “practice life.” They start out as the youngest, and work their way to become the oldest, the role models and mentors admired by their younger peers. The teacher is not the only one giving lessons or the only one managing the class. The classroom is filled with little teachers, each student realizing over time what he or she will contribute to the success of the classroom.

Lower Elementary students’ development also includes become externally motivated, which means they are energized by working and interacting with peers.  At Roots, we not only respect these developmental milestones, we nurture and encourage them to take advantage of their natural desire to collaborate in group settings. 

At the lower elementary level, we employ traditional didactic Montessori materials to support children in developing a concrete understanding of complex concepts.




  • Time telling
  • Clock and calendar work
  • Civics
  • Three branches of government

Language Arts

  • Literature study
  • Reading
  • Mechanics and conventions of writing
  • Parts of speech and further study of grammar
  • Sentence analysis

Math & Geometry

  • Operations with whole numbers

  • Place Value
  • Divisibility
  • Multiple and factors
  • Fractions
  • Squaring and cubing
  • Integers
  • Currency
  • Measurement
  • Square root
  • Probability
  • Graphing


Research & Reference Skills

  • Use of a variety of non-fiction texts for research and reference


  • Creation of the earth

  • Coming of life and human being

  • Sun and the earth
  • Three states of matter
  • Botany, zoology, ecology
  • Land and water forms
  • Exposure to other cultures
  • Citizenship and community

Social Studies

  • Continents and oceans

  • Land and water forms

  • Map skills