Primary Program

  • 3  - 6 year olds (includes Kindergarten)

  • Half Day: 8:15 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

  • Full Day: 8:15 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.

Quick Facts 

  • 8:1 Student Teacher Ratio
  • Mixed Age Classroom
  • 3 years in same classroom to foster growth and leadership

Roots Primary program is designed for children ages three through six.  In this first plane of development (ages 0 - 6), children possess an absorbent mind, taking in everything from their environment through listening, observing and imitating.  A quick glance into our Primary classroom will reveal little citizens working happily as members of their community. Unlike conventional classrooms, where all children are expected to pay close attention to the teacher, our program does the opposite – the teacher is trained to closely observe your child’s interests, tendencies and needs.

The scientifically designed Montessori materials help your child learn through hands-on use and exploration. Through continued use, a student develops a concrete understanding of abstract concepts, such as mathematics, providing a solid foundation for learning into the future.  

The mixed age classrooms allow children to learn from one another and help one another as they progress in their growth from novice to leader.  Through “grace and courtesy” activities, we teach your child how to solve conflicts, how to act politely in social situations and how to be kind and helpful to friends.

Montessori is a continuum of education that allows your child to build upon experiences each year.  Your child will stay in the Primary classroom for three years, including the traditional “Kindergarten year” - when the seeds of learning come to fruition. 

In the Roots Primary program, your child will be challenged according to their ability, not to a generic standard.  The result?  Self-confidence, joy and a lifelong love-for-learning.  The Primary program is truly a gift to your child.  Read more about our goals for our students in the Primary program to see if they align with the goals you have for your child.


The 3 to 6 Montessori curriculum and materials allow for exploration and development through hands-on learning. Children learn language (spoken, writing and reading). They are introduced to numbers and the decimal system. They learn about geometric figures and the political countries of our world.  Reading and writing come to life from sounds and symbols.

Key curricular areas and an overview of their goals:

Practical Life: A variety of daily life activities aid in the development of the child’s coordination, concentration, confidence, order and independence, responding to the child’s natural request, “Help me to help myself.”

Sensorial: Children engage with Montessori materials and manipulatives which refine the senses and develop an understanding of early mathematical concepts through hands on exploration.

Math: A variety of Montessori materials are sequentially introduced to develop the child’s understanding of numbers, patterns, and operations, slowly moving from a concrete exploration of quantity to an abstract understanding of numbers.

Language: Montessori materials promote a multi-sensory learning of the phonetic alphabet. Children move through a progression of materials to develop their skills in phonetics, writing, pre-reading, and reading skills.

Cultural Studies: A variety of cultural subjects such as geography, history, sciences, art and music are offered through the Montessori materials as well as through their own explorations and creative expression.

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