The Theater program at Roots engages the Elementary students in an annual Spring production.  Students are involved in every aspect -  from performance skills, staging, scenery and more; the students are involved in every aspect of bringing a production to life.  Classes also focus on improv exercises and vocal skills - with the goal of increasing self-confidence, self-expression and musical literacy.


Fine Arts 

At the Primary level, Art & Music appreciation comes alive through both creative opportunities and through formal lessons. Music is offered through singing songs, listening to a variety of music, and more formal lessons are introduced through rhythm instruments. The art materials offered allow students to explore and work at their own pace.

At the Elementary level, the fine arts are incorporated in many areas of the classroom. Children are encouraged to express themselves creatively through the arts.  Dr. Montessori recognized the importance of the hand-brain connection and its positive impact on learning. Music classes are offered twice weekly with a focus on performing, identifying, and creating rhythmic pieces.  Early instrumental work is also introduced and music appreciation is emphasized.  The fine arts aid in the development of self-esteem through increased skill and means of self-expression.



Physical Education 

Physical Movement is an integral part of the Roots daily experience.

At the Primary level, children are given numerous opportunities for movement throughout the day, within their classroom, during outside exploration and play and through guided Physical Education classes.  Through these various experiences, children’s self-image, personal, and social development are fostered. Also, children are building an awareness of their body in space through parallel play and group play, building self- control to regulate their behavior appropriately for success in community life: taking turns, following directions, sharing, listening, and safety of self and others.

At the Elementary level, classes in Physical Education are offered twice a week and focus on learning how to move through space in a coordinated manner. Students participate in co-operative group play to develop team-building skills, learn rules of games, improve confidence in their motor skills and develop positive self-esteem and respect for their healthy bodies. Our Elementary students also participate in the daily mileage club, where they focus on increasing their overall stamina and enjoying the benefits of getting their bodies moving every day.



At the Primary level, Spanish is offered once a week, focusing on building cultural knowledge and introductory linguistics.  This includes general vocabulary, colors, feelings, food, and more.

At the Elementary level,  Spanish is taught two times a week.  The emphasis is on vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and sentence structure.  Students continue to build on the basics of the Spanish language using visual materials so the younger students can touch and manipulate them as they learn to make complete sentences. Our lessons also help students develop listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing skills.   The focus is on conversational Spanish and developing an appreciation of the Spanish culture. 


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