Elementary Programs

IMG_2414Our Elementary programs serve students in the second plane of development (6-12 years old).  At this stage, children are abstract rational thinkers, which is fostered through a community type classroom setting that allows for collaborative work.  Naturally, kids are curious and active in their own learning, choosing what their work is, when to do it, where to do it and whom to do it with.  These choices develop healthy independence in the student, allowing them to find their place and feel at rest in their environment.  Learning takes place in many locations including the classroom, enrichment classes and small field trips around the city of Plymouth.

Lower Elementary – our Lower Elementary program serves students in 1st – 3rd grade.   The teacher presents lessons through individual instruction as well as in small groups to provide students with the opportunity to learn to listen and respect the ideas and thoughts of others in their group. Group instruction also allows the teacher to easily observe what the student is learning and encourages a dynamic relationship fostered by inquiry and discussion.  For more information, take a look at our Lower Elementary Program Overview.

Upper Elementary – our Upper Elementary program serves students in 4th – 6th grade.   Project-based learning is a critical part of the student’s learning as fundamental skills continue to solidify and children become increasingly independent and motivated learners. In this stage, students move from concrete representation to abstract thinking.  Individual goal setting, for both personal goals and long-term projects refine research and writing skills. All this work strengthens the student’s organizational abilities and builds executive functioning. For more information, take a look at our Upper Elementary Program Overview.