Primary Program

Our Primary program serves students in the first plane of development (3 – 6 years old).  At this stage, children have a unique ability to absorb knowledge quickly and effortlessly. Maria Montessori refers to this as “the absorbent mind”. Children take great joy and pride in real and purposeful work, and in their ability to contribute to their community as active and helpful participants.

In the 3-6 classroom, the ultimate goal for each student is to achieve concentration, self-regulated behavior, independence, confidence, and an interest in learning about his/her world.

3 & 4 year olds may opt to participate in a half or full day program. Kindergartners participate in the full day program.

Both programs run 5 days a week since a primary goal of Montessori is to create a culture of consistency, order and independence – especially for our youngest students.  Children at this young age have not yet developed a sense of time; so when they are working on a task, they are very excited to come back the next day and work on it some more.  We want to foster that!  When a child has the same routine 5 days in a row, it sets up the student to develop the functional independence, confidence and concentration that are so well nurtured in a Montessori environment.

AGE REQUIREMENTS – A student needs to be fully toilet learned by the time they enter the Primary classroom. They also need to turn 3 by 12/1/2019. It’s important to note that while we can take a child into the primary program before their 3rd birthday, we can not move a student into 1st grade if they are not 6 by 9/1 of the appropriate year. This could mean they would spend 4 years in the primary program; however, the beauty of Montessori is that none of their work would be a repeat – as they can continue growing and learning year after year at their individualized level.

For more information, take a look at our Primary Program overview.